Orbea Alma H30

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Performance gains can be found everywhere and obsession is part of the game. How far is too far? For as long as we have had goals, competition and a creative spirit, we have pushed ourselves to win. Once victory is tasted, it becomes an obsession to be the best. You feel it in your heart, lungs and legs – you can sense it in our bikes. Only by sweating the smallest details and pushing past what seems possible can we achieve our ultimate goals.


Alma’s World Cup Geometry is born from years of designing world-class XC bikes. The position is aggressive, comfortable and fast. Unlike trail geometry that sacrifices some precison for endurance, XC geometry is precise and intuitive for maximum power transfer. Angles and dimensions are considered carefully across a range of sizes, maximizing power by increasing efficiency.

The Alma H30 has an aluminium frame, Rockshox Judy Silver TK Crown Adjust Fort, Hydraulic Disc Brakes and Shimano 12-Speed Transmission.