Orbea Rise H30

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Rise shook up the lightweight e-MTB world on its launch with its “more bike, less E” philosophy. Simply the most natural feeling ebike on the market, bringing riders closer to the trail and shattering expectations about how an ebike should ride.

Our vision is to build the perfect e-mtb and it's no short order. We've nailed down the precise technologies combined with the best components and are well on our way.

Rider Synergy means that when you pedal harder, RISE responds instantly, multiplying your efforts and shooting you forward just as if you were fitter than ever. The instantaneous, lag-free, power and the way that it is delivered, means that it feels totally natural to be this strong and you just concentrate on the fun of riding.

Obsessively removing weight means Rise is one of the lightest ebikes in this sector. Rise rewrites the rulebook on ebike handling, floating, popping, manualling, and slicing through the corners as it disappears into the distance.

The beauty of our Modular Battery Solution is that you can add the Range Extender for the longest rides or leave that extra weight at home when you don’t need it.

More range from smaller, lighter batteries is precisely what our 1.5X factor is all about. Lighter weight, more efficiency, and greater reliance on your legs mean Rise delivers approximately 50% more riding than a traditional ebike.

The Rise H30 2023 comes in 3 stunning colours, has a Fox Float DPS Performance 3-Position Evol custom tune 210x55mm shock, a Marzocchi Bomber Z2 140 QR15x110 fork and a 12 speed drivetrain.